Transform Your Planning


We are excited to dive into transforming our planning this school year! Our hope is this page will take you through all of our suggested resources inside the Print & Play Club to help you reach your teaching goals around planning.

We add resources for you all the time, so be sure to check back here to continually explore how you can transform your planning with the Print and Play Club.

Tips for Success!

Step 1: Choose one thing you want to transform about your planning. I know you may have more than one, but I’ve found that focusing on one or two things at a time helps me actually implement change.

Step 2: Navigate this page for resources, tools, classroom book lists, and articles you may find helpful for your area(s) of focus.

Step 3: Join our exclusive PPC members-only Facebook group to collaborate with other teachers about all things planning.

Step 4: Grab your monthly calendar so you don’t miss our LIVE trainings and chats about planning.

Step 5: Execute your plan!

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Use Planning Templates to Plan Your Success

Editable templates are super helpful for planning. So here are all of our planning templates to help you transform the planning of your centerssmall groupsclassroom newsletters, your Kindergarten schedulestudent homework, and at home learning opportunities

**Click on any image below to be taken to your planning resource!**

Plan What You Will Teach

Use the Mega List of Themes and Skills for ideas on what to teach when! Every theme or skill is linked directly to a resource your class will love. 

Speaking of resources, don’t forget to use the thousands of resources at your disposal to help you plan meaningful activities that are perfect for your students every day! 

Make sure you check out the SUPER Sunday Surprises, digital resources for Google and Seesaw,Digital Vault with games and readers, activities for centers, small groups, and circle time!

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Use the Search Bar!

There are A LOT of resources for you to use, but sometimes it’s hard to know everything that’s available to you! So, utilize the search bar feature on the dashboard to find resources perfect for anything you are planning in your classroom!

Plan HOW You Will Teach

Are you teaching online? Find all of our distance learning resources on the Distance Learning page of the Resource section in your dashboard. Or click the image below to be taken to your planning resource, so you can rock your online teaching.

Plan for the First and Last Impression

How you start and end the year makes a difference. Meet the Teacher and the first day of school are a big deal. And your last day of school is an important occasion as well. You can use these resources to help you plan out these special days with your students. 

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Plan to Incorporate Good Books

Books are a staple of Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. A well-stocked library allows students to explore and imagine things beyond your classroom. Books can help you introduce a new topic. A story can help students understand life lessons or just be a way to have some fun with one another. However you use them, good books are a must.

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Plan in Time for the Arts!

Arts and crafts are so much more than a time filler! Not only do they help students develop their motor skills, they can give students a deeper understanding of whatever you’re learning in the classroom. Here are some resources to help you plan art into your day.

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Help Yourself Plan by Requesting a Resource

I love knowing what you are working on, so I can make resources that are helpful for you in your classroom. Think of this amazing feature as you sharing your wish list with me!

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Check Out Our Video Library

Join me as we chat about all things planning. Hear how I tackle planning in my classroom and the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years! 

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