Print and Play Club

Meet the Teacher

Hey there!

I’m Alex, an early-childhood teacher just like you.

I know first-hand how much time, care, love (and perhaps caffeine!) go into a classroom to make it a thriving place for our students.

It’s a passion of mine to create hands-on, engaging, and effective printables for kids, and to encourage playful yet challenging learning.

Many of my resources are found not only in my classroom, but online at The Kindergarten Connection, where I share printables, ideas, and inspiration for early childhood classrooms all over the world.

I had been dreaming of taking our printables and online community to the next level, and of ways that I can help new and veteran teachers alike have fresh and fun centers for their classroom.

I knew the answer would have to be:

• fun
• simple
• easy-prep
• affordable (I know that teachers have limited funds, and I want to provide something that doesn’t stretch the wallet.)
• relevant and timely

So, the Print and Play Club was born!

It’s my way of inviting you to join me in saving time and energy, while allowing you to give more to your students.

Say no to hours of hunting down activities and lessons, and say YES to engaging centers created by a real-life teacher (that’s me!)

Let me prep your centers for you, and you drink your coffee while it’s still hot – what do you say? 😉

Still have questions about how the Print and Play Club can transform your centers?