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We are excited to dive into transforming our classroom this school year! Our hope is this page will take you through all of our suggested resources inside the Print & Play Club to help you reach your teaching goals around your classroom.

We add resources for you all the time, so be sure to check back here to continually explore how you can transform your classroom with the Print and Play Club.

Tips for Success!

Step 1: Choose one thing you want to transform about your classroom. I know you may have more than one, but I’ve found that focusing on one or two things at a time helps me actually implement change.
Step 2: Navigate this page for resources, tools, classroom book lists, and articles you may find helpful for your area(s) of focus.
Step 3: Join our exclusive PPC members-only Facebook group to collaborate with other teachers about all things classroom transformation.
Step 4: Grab your monthly calendar so you don’t miss our LIVE trainings and chats about our classrooms.
Step 5: Execute your plan!
P.S. If you need help finding anything, simply visit our Help Section,
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Transform Your Classroom Routines

One of the biggest components of an efficient and effective classroom is routines. So check out these articles and videos about routines that encourage play and choice in your classroom.

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Transform Your Classroom Culture

The culture of your classroom can be shaped by you! Classroom management and how you teach personal character, compassion, cooperation, friendship, and respect can have a huge impact on how your classroom feels. And so does incorporating play throughout the day

Take a peek at these articles (plus a full webinar) to see how you can transform the culture of your classroom.

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Transform Your Classroom Space

Your classroom is your second home (and your students), so loving the set-up is important. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be fancy or cost you a lot. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are transforming your classroom space. Click the image below!

Transform Your Classroom Organization

Organizing all the things is a big task. So take a peek at some of the ways I organize my classroom in these articles and videos that will help you transform your classroom organization.

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Transform Your Classroom with P.L.A.Y!

Play is the corner stone of the Print and Play Club, because I love finding ways to incorporate play into the classroom. A Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom centered around play is a classroom where students thrive!

Which is why I’m so excited to offer you the P.L.A.Y (Playful Learning All Year) Course.

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Check Out Our Video Library

Join me as we chat about all things classroom transformation. From encouraging kindness in your students, to a full webinar on running Playful Centers in your classroom, this playlist of videos will let you in on all my classroom transformation tips and tricks. 

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